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  • Anonymous said: em i swear to god if hailey and jay dont kiss before jay has to leave we will be having words ps. i love this story and this threat is only hypothetical Answer: Anon I'm. The food was delicious and music selection was great. 134 E Compton Blvd. Frankfort native Zachary Plantz, 27, of Chicago , was an energetic and thoughtful person who cared about the well-being of others more than himself, loved ones said. 23, in the 12600 block of Long Beach Boulevard in Lynwood, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s records. Jay! Jay can you hear me? Jay!" Remembering that Skype was basically a phone call with picture, they all joined in, yelling at their (hopefully only) unconscious partner. "Uh, uh, uhhh." came a voice from the speaker immediately followed by a face in a ski mask filling the entire screen. "I'm going to have to put you on mute. Jay whump, not much plot, but Will and Voight look after him in a hostage situation. Will understands the basics of Intelligence, understands that even in everyday life things can get chaotic, understands Chicago is a dangerous city. What he can't seem to comprehend though is why his brother has a habit of ending up in the middle of everything. Annabelle Ruzek, the younger sister of Adam Ruzek, starts working for the Famous Intelligence Unit of District 21 of Chicago, Her dream finally coming true. She's smart... adamruzek antoniodawson haileyupton +9 more # 13 Family Love 💠 [1] by curly1307 23.9K 335 84 The story of Penelope Lillian Voight Everyone else apart from her I do not own.. Hailey nods, taking it all in as if it were new information. Like she didn't sit next to him at a bonfire just days before he deployed for the first time or she didn't help him study for the Police Academy entrance exam. Hailey tries to do the mental math and figures he probably became a detective roughly a year after the last time she saw him.. Feb 19, 2020 · TV » Chicago PD Rated: K+, English, Hurt/Comfort & Adventure, H. Voight, Antonio D., J. Halstead, H. Upton, Words: 14k+, Favs: 35, Follows: 46, Published: 9/9/2019 Updated: 2/19} 14 Chapter 1 His whole world collapsed as soon as he faced his brother on the gurney that was rushed to an ER room.. Thanks for installing! We will work on software. new world speed hack. Season 4 of Chicago P.D. originally aired on NBC from September 21, 2016 to May 17, 2017.This season consisted of 23 episodes. Jason Beghe as Sergeant Hank Voight Jon Seda as Detective Antonio Dawson Sophia Bush as Detective Erin Lindsay Jesse Lee Soffer as Detective Jay Halstead Patrick John Flueger as Officer Adam Ruzek Marina. So without holding you up any longer, here's chapter 1! Chapter 1 Summary: A cadet from the academy comes to the district and asks to speak to 'Detective Halstead'. However, when he comes face to face with Jay, chaos erupts in the bullpen when the team realizes he is there to see a different Detective Halstead. Detective Jay Halstead is a member of the CPD Intelligence Unit. He is the partner and husband of Detective Hailey Upton. Jay is the younger brother of Dr. Will Halstead, a main character on Chicago Med. He is portrayed by Jesse Lee Soffer. The Halsteads are from Chicago, little is known about their family as neither brother talks much about it. Jay's brother Will, who is a doctor on Chicago .... story OC x Jay Riley is a detective in Intelligence and was raised by Hank Voight On Chicago PD, lips are locking and Jay is put on leave after the body of the Rodiger boy is found Pinned Post chicago fire imagines chicago fire fanfiction chicago fire series fanfiction one chicago Jesse Lee Soffer Inspecteur Jay Halstead Miss nothing:a Chicago.

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    "It's fine, being a detective and all, I get that your job has an erratic schedule. Mine does too so I totally understand." Will must've told her I'm a cop. He told me that he knew her from New York, and that she had just gotten to Chicago. "So what do you do for work?".