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TL;DR my on/off ex has joked around about us getting married and him being my boyfriend, also stalking me online, but he still doesn’t want to commit. My ex and I had an on/off situationship for almost a year. He doesn’t want to commit, but I have very good reason to believe he loves me. I broke things off almost four months ago because he.

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  • RELATED: Dear Sh*tty Husbands: This Is Your Wake Up Call 5. She wasn't "the one." "I regret that I married the wrong woman, that I was immature and naive and too eager to find a woman vs. waiting. Mar 05, 2022 · Here are 15 men honestly sharing the reasons they regret getting married to their wives: 1. The love was never mutual. "She never loved me. She married me because she thought it would force her to ....

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    Mar 08, 2011 · that disgusting.. stuff like that disgusts me.. after 10 years together, she just jumps in someone elses bed and marrys him after 5 months??? * * * .. know this my friend, her "infatuation" with her new man is just her way of trying to not deal with the pain of your break up. there is no way you can forget 10 years with someone.. hell thats a decade!.