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Anaphase 1- spindle fibres contract and each homologous pair is pulled to opposite poles of the cell. Telophase 1- cytokinesis to form two separate cells. Prophase 2- centrioles migrate again. Metaphase 2- the homologous chromosomes line up down the equator of the cell and spindle fibres elongate to bind to each end of the centromere.

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  • A Level Revision Questions. Welcome to CramNow, a collection of thousands of FREE, self marking, A Level multiple choice questions. The biology questions are organised inline with the AQA A Level Biology Specification, the Chemistry questions use OCR and the Physics questions use Edexcel. That said there will obviously be a lot of overlap in. AQA A Level Biology: Meiosis Exam Questions. A zeedonk is the offspring produced from breeding a mountain zebra with a donkey. The body cells of a mountain zebra contain 32 chromosomes and the body cells of a donkey contain 62 chromosomes. Use this information to suggest why zeedonks are usually infertile. (2 marks). Yes. The eggs are dormant in prophase-1 stage of meiosis1 after 25 weeks of development and remain so until the female reaches maturity. then because of LH surge on 14th day of monthly cycle the ovum completes it's meosis1 and reaches dormant anaphase stage of meosis2. and it is at this stage the ovum is released from graffian follicle and make its way in the fallopian tube. HERE YOU WILL FIND UP TO DATE QUESTIONS AND MARK SCHEMES AS WELL AS LINKS TO ALL PAST PAPERS ... Enzymes Enzymes MS Topic 1 Combined Topic 1 combined Answers Topic 4. DNA MS; DNA; The Genetic Code MS; The Genetic Code; Meiosis MS; Meiosis; Classification MS; Classification; Biodiversity MS; ... Unit 1 AQA Biology A-level; January 2010 QP - Unit.

    Meiosis a level biology questions

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    (a) Meiosis halves the number of chromosomes; Restoration of diploid number at fertilisation; Introduces variation; Correct reference to natural selection / survival; 2 max (c) (i) Sperm is haploid, liver is diploid / sperm formed by meiosis, liver cell formed by mitosis; 1 (ii) It has no nucleus; 1 Total 7 Question 2.