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Posted by Duwan Posted on March 11, 2019 2 Comments on The Mummies of Guanajuato. Warning - these aren't your Egyptian mummies all wrapped up in linen bandages. These mummies are naked - well, actually some of them are clothed which actually makes them a little creepier. ... It is believed that Ignacia Aguilar-Chirico was buried alive.

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  • More disturbingly, a few of the bodies were thought to have been buried alive (comatose and assumed dead) due to the awkward position and pained expression that shows on their faces. It is still unknown why the soil and climate of Guanajuato caused the bodies of the interned to remain so well preserved; therefore, scientists are still studying. For the next 90 years, until 1958, bodies continued to be stored in the mummifying conditions of the original crypt, resulting in a total of 111. Thousands of infected bodies were buried around the city and some accounts even state that a few humans had been buried alive. What really is strange, however, is the fact that the people of Guanajuato began digging up the bodies around 1865, initially just to study some of the mummified corpses. ... The Mummies of Guanajuato. Retrieved from. Guanajuato mummy. Inside, a guide begins an interesting spiel in Spanish as the group passes by the glass cases containing 118 mummies whose bodies were exhumed between the years of 1865 and 1979. “Here you see the smallest mummy in the world,” the guide says, as he points to the tiniest of the museum’s inhabitants. Were the 'Screaming' mummies of Guanajuato buried alive? At least one mummy discovered chewing on her arm and with a mouth full of blood, was buried before she died. And there are 100 more like her. The question for experts, though, is why? MRU. Science & General Facts. Dank Memes Funny. Old Blood.

    Mummies of guanajuato buried alive

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    Like all of the 119 mummies in El Museo de las Mumias, Ignacia Aguilar fell victim to a cholera epidemic that swept Guanajuato, Mexico in.