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A lot has happened since 1901 — The Great Depression, two world wars, the invention of the Internet, the mobile phone — and names are no different. We've compiled the most popular boys and girls name for every generation — from The Greatest to the Boomlets — and the results are fascinating. Source:

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  • It means 'morning star'. The name has lost a bit of its luster, probably because of the hard consonants in it. 16. Markus. Markus is the Dutch variation for Mars, the name of the Roman god of fertility. Marquee would make a fun nickname for Markus. 17. Van. Van is one of the most famous Dutch baby names for boys. In doing so, you may realize that names starting with a certain letter give baby’s name a special ring. Or perhaps you’ll find that longer names flow better than shorter names. Pairing different names together is a great way to get closer to the perfect choice for baby. But don’t forget to see if baby’s initials spell out any words.

    Popular girl names in the 90s

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    Hop in the DeLorean and travel back in time to the 1980s. This rad decade brought us a ton of popular retro toys like the Rubik’s Cube, the first Nintendo Game Boy, and some very hungry hippos. The list of the most popular toys in the 80s includes: Rubik’s Cubes. Hungry Hungry Hippos. Care Bears.