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EMA Wave Indicator [LazyBear] LazyBear Wizard يناير 18, 2015. This is a 3 EMA visualization tool. Relative momentum across 3 timeframes are rendered as A/B/C waves. Also, helpful in identifying spike/exhaustion bars. When all the waves are in the same direction, the momentum is very high on that direction.

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  • The indicator has two settings, Volume Length who control the length of the sum of the rescaled volume, ... When the rescaled volume is positive it means that the sum of the current and past Volume Length - 1 positive volume momentum values is greater than the sum of negative ones, this indicate a more active market. The same apply to the. This is the latest tool in my methodology, a momentum indicator that combines PRICE and VOLUME. There are two modes that you can use this : Normal, and Power Of Two. In the picture, the top one is set to normal, as you can see, it goes in the negative zone on each retrace, on the bottom one, we set it to the power of two mode, it still shows the same divergence in. VPCI or known as Volume Price Confirmation Indicator was developed by Buff Dormeier. It plots the relationship between the price trend and the volume. > Fundamentally, the VPCI reveals the proportional imbalances between price trends and volume-adjusted price trends. An uptrend with increasing volume is a market characterized by greed supported. The Multi-timeframe momentum indicator is similar in concept to a velocity indicator like rate-of-change, but visualizes smoothed price changes by applying an EMA and linear regression to price difference at every bar. Momentums from 1 minute to 1 quarter are plotted on a single chart using the function.

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    Momentum Scalping & Swing Signals With Alerts. This Momentum indicator shows a green or red ribbon when smoothed momentum is bullish or bearish. It also includes a long moving average for overall trend confirmation. Wait until the ribbon holds above or below the long moving average and take positions in that direction.